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Sofia Costa – Founder & general manager

Sofia is a young entrepreneur that was born in Olhão, a small fisherman town in the Algarve. She studied sustainable tourism for years in order to put her vision into action: to create an authentic tourism experience to the Algarve based in sustainability (social, environmental and economic)! Before founding the company, she worked in hospitality and at a conservation project.

Sofia loves the excitement of planning the trips as must she loves to travel! She prefers to travel out of season, when prices are cheaper, and there are no crowds around.  You can count on Sofia to develop the best tours and to assist you during your vacations with Sustainable Travels.

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António Cotão – Birdwatcher Guide

António is an “alentejano” resident in Faro, where he took his degree in Biology. During his work at a Wildlife Recovery Centre (RIAS), he developed his passion for birdwatching. This passion has grown with the development of various bird monitoring projects and, most recently, by working as a birdwatching guide. When he is not working, you will find him in nature challenging his limits and discovering new places.

Let Antonio show you the best birdwatching spots in the Algarve.

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Thijs Valkenburg – Birdwatching Guide

Thijs is a Dutch born in Portugal. He graduated as an Environmental and Forestry Technician in Arnhem, Netherlands. Since then, Thijs have participated in various bird-related studies and projects both in Portugal and the Netherlands. He is an accredited bird ringer and participates in various bird monitoring projects in the Algarve.

He has been a birdwatching guide for several years and knows the region like no one else. He enjoys spending his free time in the countryside and travel to spot birds from other countries and continents.

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