Birdwatching Day Tour 110 € / per person

Various locations

This tour is tailor-made and our specialist guides will adapt it to your preferences and objectives. Our guides have a deep knowledge of the birdlife and know the best spots in the Algarve. Let us know what species you would like to see and they will tailor-make a one-day program to suit your expectations. 

You can discover quite different spots in the Algarve or the nearby region, the Alentejo. There is a high diversity of habitats that reflect on the variety of birds, you will be able to spot.

This tour is suitable for every level of expertise, from novice to expert.

(Check also our 5-day birdwatching tour)

Available all year. 

Cycling Rural Algarve 85 € / per person


Come and discover the rural Algarve, on an electric bicycle, through a route from Silves to Messines. The tour is guided by a professional guide who knows the landscape and the local history and will take you through orange groves, cork and almond trees. Telling stories about the costumes and about the importance that figs, almonds, carobs and olive trees always had to the region, your guide will accompany you to the Messines market. Here you can buy local products and then enjoy a picnic with a panoramic view.

Available September to May. / Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Dolphin Watching 35 € / per person


The coast of Sagres is the best spot in the Algarve to do dolphin watching. During all year is possible to observe Common Dolphin, Bottlenose Dolphin and the Harbour Porpoise. Orcas, Risso`s Dolphins and Striped Dolphin are also frequently spotted. Some whales pass by Sagres coast during their migratory routes, such as Minke Whale and Fin Whale. Not easy to observe, but also present in these waters are: Moonfish, Hammerhead Shark, Blue Shark, Basking Shark and Loggerhead Turtle. Keep in mind that the dolphin watching cannot be guaranteed 100%. However, a professional skipper will strive to provide the sighting of these animals.

Available from April to October.

SUP at Benagil Grotto 50 € / per person

Armação de Pêra

On this stand-up paddle tour, you will have a new perspective of the Algarve coast, in a route around the central stage of this magnificent Algarve coast, including the famous grotto of Benagil.

The experience of visiting the caves with Sup has a duration of approximately 3 hours. You will stop at various beaches and caves, learn more about marine life and local geology by observing fossils in rock formations and good practices for preserving the environment. In the end, you will receive photos and videos of the tour.

Available all year.

Boat Tour at Ria Formosa Natural Park 15 € / per person


A boat tour is a perfect wat to explore the marshals of the park. This 90minute-tour will give you a different perspective of the natural park, as you will witness how wildlife and humans live in the area. Birds use this area for shelter and feeding and men work on the seafood nurseries. The marshals are protected by barrier islands that offer beautiful deserted white sand beaches.

There are other boat tours available in the area. Please inquiry for further information.

Available from March to November. 

Bike Tour at Ria Formosa Natural Park 25 € / per person


This bike tour will take you to Ria Formosa Natural Park where you can observe the fauna and flora. A local guide will show you around and help you discover the wildlife, see some Roman ruins and enjoy the fantastic view from the top of a traditional watermill. Last stop will be at Chalet Dr. João Lucio, a building from 1916 with unique architecture.

There are other bike tours available in the area. Please inquiry for further information.

Available all year.

Guided Nature Walk 37.5 € / per person


A local guide will show you around different points of interest like Armação Nova, Pedra das Gaivotas, Lighthouse Saint Vincent and Forte de Beliche. The tour is enriched with historical, geological and cultural information and flora and fauna observation. The trail is medium difficulty because the soil is quite rugged in some sections, and it can be performed by people without extensive walking habits. It is a circular route of 6 km and the average time (not including stops) is about 2h30.

There are other trails available in the area. Please inquiry for further information.


Available all year, except August.

Rural Algarve – Full day activity 70 € / per person

Various locations

The activity starts in Alte, a rural village located near Loulé. The picturesque village is located between the Barrocal and the mountain range of Serra do Caldeirão, and it is known as the most typical village of the whole Algarve. During the visit, you will taste some regional sweets and visit the famous Vigário waterfall. Next, a visit to an artisanal cheese factory will be held in Salir. And after a typical lunch, you will be able to experience a liquor tasting from a local producer. In the middle of the afternoon, we begin the walk at Fonte da Benémola, an easy pedestrian trail, with 4km. The last stop is the Roman Bridge of Tôr.

Available from September to May.

Stories recorded in rocks and landscapes From 44 € / per person

Various locations

These walking experiences will make you travel all the way back in time to the prehistoric world. 

(1) “The history of the Algarve’s super salamander” takes place in the Rocha da Pena (Loulé) Protected Area where it becomes very real. Here you can travel back in time and hear the story of the famous Algarve’s super salamander and other animals that lived in the Algarve millions of years ago. Duration: 3h30 | Distance: 3km | Difficulty: Easy

(2) “Discovering rocks and fossils in the city of Loulé”. Let us tell you the stories of rocks and fossils that, hidden in plain sight, are waiting to be discovered. Duration: 3h | Distance: 3km | Difficulty: Easy

Choose from a nature walk (1) and a walk in the city (2).

Available from September to June.

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  • Rural Algarve - Full day Activity
  • Stories recorded in rocks and landscapes
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