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Sustainable Travels aims to help local communities and protect biodiversity. To helps us do it, we developed meaningful partnerships with organisations and projects that care for the local community and environment.

For every multi-day tour you book with us we donate to local non-profit organisations.

We are working to find more partners who can make a difference.



Location: Olhão

Field: Wildlife Conservation

Description: RIAS is the Wildlife Rehabilitation and Research Centre of Ria Formosa and it is located in Olhão at Quinta de Marim. This centre has been operating for more than 25 years, having been involved in the recovery and release of thousands of wild animals after their treatment. Since October 1st 2009, the Association ALDEIA (ONG) assumed the management of the Centre.

As a Wildlife Hospital, their work consists in the reception of injured or debilitated wildlife, their treatment and, later, their release back to Nature.  They receive animals from all the south of Portugal, on an average of 1800 a year.

If their recovery work has an immediate impact on the welfare of each animal that passes through RIAS, this work, along with research and environmental education promoting community awareness, will have a global impact on the conservation of wildlife species, not only in Ria Formosa but throughout the country.




refood faro


Location: Faro

Field: Social

Description: Re-food is a movement that results from an eco-humanitarian effort, 100% voluntary made from citizens to citizens, acting at a local level it aims to contribute to ending the waste of prepared foods and food shortages, while simultaneously seeking increase community solidarity. The Faro Re-food Center has been operating since May 2016 in the city of Faro.

Re-food is based on three structural pillars:

1 – Redeem the surplus food, prepared and not sold, within a microlocal area.

2 – Provide food to people with food deficiencies within this same area.

3 – Seek to involve the community in the development, operationalization and support of this project.



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