Transfers and Carbon offset

Airport Transfers


Transfers are not included in our tours. We want you to have the best experiences in the region, so we plan your activities and find you the best spot to stay, but we do not aim to decide every single detail of your vacations for you (unless you ask us to).

But we also understand that when you land for the first time in a new place, you may want to go to your accommodation, to rest for a bit and get to set yourself comfortable for the next days, without the trouble to discover how to get there, more queues and more waiting.

If you wish to have an airport transfer please contact us for quotation.

Carbon Offset


We know that moving around with a private car is not very eco-friendly, but sometimes it is the only option available. All the car travels you make that are included on your tour, we will make them carbon neutral by off-setting the CO2 emissions.

What is Carbon offsetting?


In this blog post I addressed the carbon offset theme very briefly and referring only to flights, but carbon offset is wider than that.

Carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere as a result of your daily life and activities. We should care about our carbon footprint because the lower it is, the better it is for the planet. We have to be more aware of our choices and try to reduce our carbon footprint. But life without producing any carbon dioxide emissions is not possible. After reducing the emissions as much as we are able, that is when carbon offsets can do some good.

Carbon offsets are financial contributions made to compensate the CO2 emissions. The compensation is made by investing on environmental projects that focus on sustainable energy, biodiversity conservation or planting trees. Once that is offset, and it results in net zero carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere, it’s referred to as “carbon neutral”.


How does Carbon offset work?


Sustainable Travels will offset the carbon footprint of the car travels provided by us during your vacations. To do this, we will use an offset website, to calculate the emissions of your trip, and then we will pay the offset company to reduce emissions elsewhere in the world by the same amount – thus making your car travels “carbon neutral”.


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