Best sunsets in the Algarve

There is something special about sunsets (and sunrises). The colours of the sky transform completely the landscape. That is not by accident that that time of the day is called the “golden hour”.

When travelling, lots of tourists look for the best spot to see the sun go done on the horizon. Normally high places where it is possible to see the scenery around or by the sea where the effect over water is also very special. If you are part of this group, we have 4 suggestions for you to witness the best sunsets in the Algarve.

. Ponta da Piedade

Ponta da Piedade is a promontory, just to the west of Lagos. The road ends in the lighthouse and then you can go to the right following the path. The path is on the top of the rocks where it is possible to observe a group of spectacular rock formations, caves, grottoes and sea arches. The light orange colour of the rocks contrasts with the light blue sea. By the end of the day, the sunset will make the place even more magical.

. Cacela Velha

Cacela Velha is located in the Eastern Algarve, and maybe because of that is not very known. However, in the last couple of years it has been featured in some international magazines it is still fairly unknown. This village is characterized by its typical whitewashed houses, architectural remains left by the Phoenician and Arab Romans, a sixteenth-century church on the edge of the cliff and a 19th-century fort with Islamic origins. As it is located on the top of a small cliff facing the sea, on the south part you have belvederes where you can contemplate the surrounding ocean and estuary views. Every time we enjoyed the sunset there, we were able to feel the soft ocean breeze, contemplate the fishermen down in the channel and the bird folks crossing the orange (or sometimes pink) sky.

Sunset in Sagres

. Cape St. Vicente, Sagres

The cape of St. Vincent is probably the most known place to see the sunset in the Algarve. It is the most south-western tip of continental Europe. It was the last piece of land that explorers would see before they would set sail for the unknown, and because of that it is also called “the end of the world”.

The road ends at the lighthouse. If you go to the right side of the road you will see the sun go done in the ocean. Almost every day, dozens of people join in this spot to see the “golden hour” from the cliffs. In the end, the crowd normally applaud! It is a strange ritual that became very common in here.

One piece of advice: Cape St. Vicent (and the region of Sagres, in general) is very windy, so make sure to have a coat or a blanket with you.

. Foia, Monchique

Fóia is the highest mountain of the Algarve (with 902 meters high), and it is located in Monchique mountain range.  On a clear day, you can see from Cape St. Vincent (and the Atlantic Ocean) in the west, to Faro in the east and to the Serra da Arrábida, near Lisbon, to the north.

This amazing scenery makes it a perfect place to witness the sunset.

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