River beaches and waterfalls in the Algarve

Did you know there are beautiful river beaches and waterfalls in the Algarve?

There are! The countryside is full of mysteries and it can be a good alternative for a nature adventure.  Find out 3 river beaches and 3 waterfalls in the region and plan a different day with your family, friends, or loved one.

River Beaches

1. Pego do Fundo (Alcoutim)

In Alcoutim, a cute town in the countryside of Algarve (in the border with Spain), you will find the best river beach in the Algarve.

The beach has a garden where you can sit in the shade of the trees, a beach volleyball court, exercise equipment, a car park, bar and changing rooms. By the river, there is white sand brought from the Algarve coast and the surroundings are a mix of poplars, oleanders, lavenders, and rose bushes. The beach has all the necessary conditions to provide a great experience and it is supervised during the summer. But the best of all is the water temperature! The water of this stream has an average temperature of 28 ºC!

From Alcoutim, take the road to Vila Real de Santo António and you will see the signpost for the beach: “Praia Fluvial do Pego Fundo”.

Source: www.praiafluvial.pt
Source: www.praiafluvial.pt

2. Fontes de Alte (Loulé)

Fontes de Alte is known for its natural water pool, built in the eighties. The pool water comes from the fountains and it is crystal clear. These fountains are surrounded by a wooded area that invites pleasant moments of leisure and it is especially popular during the summer months. It also has a picnic area which offers excellent conditions for picnics and barbecues.

Downstream from here, there is a waterfall, called Queda do Vigário (see below).

Source: http://www.viveraviajar.com/
Source: http://www.viveraviajar.com/

3. Odeceixe River Beach (Aljezur)

Odeceixe river beach is located in the mouth of a stream with the same name. It is famous for being one of the most beautiful beaches in the Vicentine Coast. The water is salty and subject to tides because it is so close to the river mouth, but here there are no waves and you can enjoy relaxing or canoeing.

In recent times, Odeceixe has gained fame and attracts more and more tourists. Why? The quality of its waters is excellent and, although the tourists, it still manages to retain some of the characteristic charms of a “secret” beach.

river beach Odeceixe


1. Queda do Vigário

Queda do Vigário is located at Alte, in the municipality of Loulé. This beautiful waterfall with 24 meters high, falls to a large lake, perfect for swimming. Just next to the cascade there is a leisure area with a lawn. To reach the area, you have to park next to the cemetery of Alte and walk about 300 meters.

There are those who claim that this is an artificial waterfall, built in the 17th century to lead the waters of the stream to private property of a wealthy landowner.

Source: https://postal.pt/
Source: https://postal.pt/

2. Pego do Inferno

This waterfall is located in the parish of Santo Estêvão, about 7km from Tavira. Pego do Inferno has 3 meters of high and it is one of the waterfalls of the Asseca stream, one of the most important watercourses in the Tavira region.

The waterfall forms one round greenish lagoon where some people swim. I would advise going only for the views, as the place is not guarded and there is not much space on the shore because of the vegetation. In times, there was a wooden staircase to access the waterfall, but it was destroyed by a fire and it was never replaced. Nowadays, from the parking, it takes about one kilometer down to reach the waterfall. The path is not signalized and can be confusing, so it is advisable to go with someone that knows the place.

Source: http://descobriromundo.com/
Source: http://descobriromundo.com/

3. Barbelote Waterfall (Monchique)

Cascata do Barbelote is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Monchique’s mountain range. It is close to Fóia (the highest point in the Algarve).

This waterfall has easy access. You can choose to go by car access from the Vale de Largo – Barbelote road or opt for a small pedestrian trail. The troubled water falls upfront a grey rock hall surrounded by the forest green.

Important note: Avoid visiting the waterfalls during Summer months. The streams can get dry and there will be no waterfall to see! The best times to visit are: in the Autumn after the first rains and in the Spring.


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