FollowBirds – A Birdwatchers’ App for the Algarve

I have the pleasure to meet two incredible young entrepreneurs, Barbara and Jordi. They came to the Algarve some years ago and they started the FollowBirds project. She from arts and him from technologic background, they get together with the idea of an app that could improve the birdwatching experience in the Algarve, for beginers as well as for birders.

followbirds app

About Followbirds

With over 400 bird species recorded, Portugal offers a world of possibilities for birdwatching and nature tourism. Designed for those who love birds and enjoy the outdoors, Followbirds provides the tools you need to take full advantages of your trip to this corner of Europe.

Followbirds allows you to plan your trip with local experienced professionals in the field and enjoy your stay in birdwatching-friendly accommodation. It provides you photos and sounds of the birds, distribution maps (eBird) and distinct walking routes with 360 view of specific suggested areas.


By downloading the app, you may use it as a site guide in your pocket, the perfect digital companion that keeps track of your observations and connects you with our birdwatching community.

followbirds ios app

Discover Portugal with Followbirds! 








Hope you enjoy using this app, as much as I do!


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